Welcome to the Chick-fil-A family.  Hopefully you are excited to learn your new job.  You will attend an orientation called Trailhead where you will learn more about your next steps.  You will start on the Path that will take you through each step in successfully growing as a member of our team.  Growth requires that we get comfortable being uncomfortable. The video below is a perfect reminder of why we need grit to fuel our growth. Complete the steps listed below and watch the video and then click on the Trailhead link to proceed to the next step in the Path.


Below are the first steps you will need to complete to finish your hiring process.


1. Complete Snag-a-job Forms (sent to your email). If you haven't received these, let us know right away via email.


2. Send the following info in an email to Elizabeth@chick-fil-adeervalley.com or schedule a time with Elizabeth to complete at the restaurant.

- Two forms of ID for completing the I-9 form.

- Your Food Handlers card. If you don't have one, you can obtain one at eFoodHandlers.com.

- Your uniform size. Pants (length x width) Shirt size (Men's and Women's sizes XS-XXXL). We provide one free uniform for you which includes, pants, shirt, face mask, belt and nametag. You will need to provide your own black slip resistant shoes and have those by your first restaurant shift (not orientation).

3. You will receive an email named Shift Agent/JVGA Hospitality once step one and two are completed. Shift Agent is the tool we use to send out your weekly schedule. You'll learn more about this tool in your orientation.


4. Watch the Grit video. Once you've completed these steps, Click on the Trailhead link below to get started on the Orientation pre-work.