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October goals update
Goals: 8% Profit and a Clean Restaurant

Join Connor and Jeff as they share an update on results from October and some updates for November.

Key points:

  • Our team exceeded the goal of 8% profit for October

  • We want to continue by hitting that goal in November and December while making progress toward a clean restaurant.

  • November focus area 1: Condiments - we can reduce condiment waste by taking the time to ask every guest at every order "How many sauces would you like?" or "Would you like 1 or 2?" on smaller orders with a single entree.

  • November focus area 2: Scrub pads for dishes - Chick-fil-A is transitioning to a new scrub pad for dishes. This is a good time to focus on reducing waste and managing our inventory. We will be adding some reusable brushes to use with dishes and focusing on using fewer scrub pads daily.

  • November focus area 3: Organized and clean freezer and walk-in - Clean freezer and cooler helps us achieve a cleaner restaurant and reduces waste. Clean and orderly storage areas make inventory more manageable and helps us control waste. It also makes a huge difference in cleanliness and food safety.

Join us on Friday to celebrate our big accomplishment with an all day pizza party! Food will be available before lunch, in the afternoon, and before closing. There will be a few more fun surprises during the day and we'll celebrate winning together!

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