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Lead Level

The lead level is broken into three positions: Cares Captain, Hospitality Team Leader, and Kitchen Team Leader.

Purpose: The lead level is your first opportunity to demonstrate your leadership. You are proving that you can lead while in a position, that you understand what causes bottlenecks that slow down our service and that you can eliminate those bottlenecks and that you can eventually prevent those bottlenecks from occurring. You also demonstrate that you can have responsibility for checking off work that has been completed.

What is required for a lead level position?

  • Must be a team member in good standing with at least two months of Chick-fil-A experience and fully trained in all FOH or BOH positions

  • Must be available for either opening or closing shifts and available a minimum of 3 days per week

  • Must demonstrate the ability to lead others with humility, Strong operational competence, situational awareness, and a high level of responsibility

  • Has signed food safety agreement

What will I learn at this level?

  • You will learn how to work as part of a team to solve bottlenecks and keep the restaurant running efficiently

  • You will learn how to provide regular accountability to teammates

  • You will learn how to communicate with managers to solve problems


What do I need to do to move to the next level?

  • You need to demonstrate you are good at solving and even preventing bottlenecks

  • You need to be taking pressure off of the MOD by owning your area

  • You need to be good at providing accountability to completing tasks that keep the restaurant running well

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