Kitchen Team: LEVEL 1 requirements

Pathway Modules completed

Raw & Breading Stations

  • Handling Sealed Bags of Chicken

  • Fileting Chicken

  • Thaw Cabinet Thawing Process

  • Preparing Milk and Egg Wash

  • Breading and Loading Chicken: Preparing to Bread Chicken

  • Marinating and Loading Grilled Chicken: Marinating Grilled Chicken Filets

  • Lean Fileting

  • Lean Chicken Thawing

  • Breading and Loading Chicken: Filets

  • Multi-Person Breading and Loading: Overview


Skills requirements:

  • can proficiently bread chicken with light assistance

  • can proficiently filet and rotate with light assistance

Task knowledge:

  • How to use and change the trash compactor

  • How to use and change the box compactor

  • How to line a trash can

  • Safety reminder: silent alarms and where they are

  • Stocking fry freezer

Hospitality Team: LEVEL 1 requirements

Pathway Modules completed


  • Receiving Order at Front counter: POS simulation and order frenzy games

  • Inside ordering: Taking order and presenting meal

  • Handling Transactions: Cash

  • Face-to-face ordering, overview, roles and responsibilities

  • Face-to-face ordering, Essentials

  • Face-to-face ordering, leapfrogging

  • Multi-lane drive-thru overview

  • Personalizing the guest's order

  • Responding to ingredient questions and special requests

  • Drive-thru - order taker: test 1/1

  • Drive-thru - cashier: test 1/1

  • Front counter - order taker/cashier: test 1/1


Mobile/Counter responsibilities

  • Mobile ordering and personal web ordering

  • Assembling food orders


Quick Helping Hand (stocking)​

  • Dining room: Emptying and cleaning trash receptacles

  • Floors: Sweeping and mopping

  • Preparing iced tea: brewing

  • Preparing iced tea: filling and maintaining urns

  • Preparing lemonade: Filling and maintaining dispensers

  • Stocking and Restocking


Skills requirements:

​A team member should be familiar with two different positions

Task knowledge:

How does it work?
1. You'll be assigned the Level 1 Pathway Training Plan after you've completed Trailhead
**Don't see your Level 1 Pathway? Send a slack message to @Connor Brown
2. You'll receive an email with your Level 1 Training Badge. Forward that email to your Team Director letting them know you've completed your Pathway requirements.
3. Your team director will work with you to determine your progress toward L1 skills requirements and task knowledge.
4. When you've completed all requirements, Your team director will move you on to L2.
**Need help? Ask a manager or team director to help you.