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Leadership Expression of Interest

Fill out this form to communicate your interest and perceived readiness for a leadership role.


Thank your for applying!

Team Leader

This application provides an easy portal for team members to express interest in pursuing a leadership role. Before completing this expression of interest, candidates should carefully review the requirements and ensure they meet them.

Minimum requirements:

  • Embodies the Chick-fil-A Deer Valley Values: Caring, United, Relentless 

  • Available a minimum of 3 (7+ hour) shifts per week

  • Available for either opening or closing shifts

  • Open availability on Saturdays 

  • No history of attendance or punctuality issues

  • Completion of level 1-5 assigned in Pathway courses 

  • Embraces & demonstrates consistent excellence with Chick-fil-A procedures and processes

Additionally, candidates should ensure that they have the support of a director. It is highly encouraged that candidates have taken the time to seek feedback from directors and managers to ensure that there are quite a few leaders in the organization who support their candidacy.

Candidates are asked to wait at least two months before filling out another expression of interest form.

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