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February News 
Inspiring our community with love

Hello Deer Valley team, as we head into February, I want to update you on a few things that are coming ahead.

February 6 - Chainwide price increase

  • Because of significant rising costs we are raising our prices. This will be tough for customers. We hate to have a price increase. Our prices are in line with our competition. We can make it better by delivering a great experience for our guests; Fresh food, amazing service, and a clean restaurant. 


February 13 Valentine's day event

  • This is a fun event to give back to our community

  • Julie will provide more details on slack.

  • Reservations are opening soon

Goals progress

  • Goal 95% accuracy | Currently 96% accuracy since January 1st! Great job - let's keep the focus strong.

  • Goal 90% Cleaning standards walkthrough | Currently 80% - Significant improvement on keeping and maintaining a clean restaurant. See your DOD for more info on what to improve. 

  • Goal 1 on Food Safety visit | Currently 2 on Food Safety | Directors on Duty are performing regular audits of food safety. See your DOD for info on what to work on.

March 26 Town Hall

  • Time TBD

  • Great opportunity for us to build community and stay united on our vision

  • Potluck lunch afterward. Feel free to bring food if you'd like to share.

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