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Quarter 4 Team Plan
One Team, One Plan, One Goal

As we enter the 4th quarter of the year, we are proud to share our team plan. The plan is an important tool to ensure we are all working on the same thing with the same focus. Having a plan allows us to accomplish more than we would if we are all working on different things.

First of all, we need to know that our 3 year mission is to:

Open two restaurants in one year with a culture of excellence

2022: Open Deer Valley

2023: Open Norterra

2024: Achieve a culture of excellence at both restaurants

Our two big focuses for the 4th quarter will help us get towards that mission. 

Achieve an 8% profit for October, November, and December

We have to develop disciplines of managing our costs that will help us get toward the culture of excellence we want to create. We need to preserve cash to give us the resources to open Norterra next year and to invest in a culture of excellence. A culture of excellence includes being able to run a consistent profit while delivering value for our customers and our team.

How will we accomplish this?

  • Focus on increasing sales by reducing the drive-thru window time. We want to be fast and accurate at delivering at the window.

  • Eliminating unnecessary holding on food. These are the times we hold on food because we weren't paying attention or forgot to drop something like Mac and Cheese, Soup, or fries.

  • Running a disciplined and consistent schedule


Ensure we have a clean restaurant

A clean and safe restaurant is an important part of delivering value to our customers and a culture of excellence. Customers value cleanliness and we all like working in a clean and organized restaurant. Having a clean restaurant is critical to serving safe food and make sure our customers feel trust in our restaurant. Keeping our restaurant clean requires teamwork and strong systems.

How will we accomplish this?

  • Focus on the disciplines of keeping a clean restaurant throughout the day, not just cleaning at closing. This includes things like keeping food off the floor.

  • Cleaning restrooms every hour so that they stay clean. Customers tell us they value clean restrooms at Chick-fil-A.

  • Keeping the back stock room clean and putting boxes in the compactor. 

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