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Trainer Level

The trainer level is broken into two levels: BOH Trainer/FOH trainer and Senior Trainer

Purpose: The trainer level's primary purpose is to ensure that the restaurant is prepared by ensuring new team members and existing team get excellent training. Trainers also serve in lead level roles as needed and add value by helping introduce new products and procedures. Senior Trainers also fill in MOD spot duty as part of their training.

What is required at this level?

  • Must be a team member in good standing

  • Must be available for either opening or closing shifts and works a minimum

  • of 3 days per week (8 hour shifts)

  • Must demonstrate the ability to lead others with humility, Strong

  • operational competence, situational awareness, and a high level of

  • responsibility

  • Has at least two months of relevant leadership experience (includes team leader)

What will I learn at this level?

  • How to provide excellent 1:1 training for new team members

  • How to log training shifts consistently and write accurate notes on the shift

  • Cross-training into either BOH or FOH (if you haven't already) and how to train in the cross-trained area
  • How to communicate important messages to the team
  • How to MOD (Senior Trainer level)


What do I need to do to move to the next level?

  • You are providing excellent 1:1 training and group training

  • You are consistently and accurately logging training shifts

  • You are cross-trained and know the Pathway standards for the business.

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